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83 Million Trees Planted to Date!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Trees Canada is a national non-profit organization that's dedicated to planting and nurturing trees in urban forests and rural environments.

What is Trees Canada doing across Canada?

Since 1992 Trees Canada has greened more than 700 communities and schoolyards country wide. Planting over 10,000 edible fruit trees, nut trees and shrubs in Canada communities to help solve urban food insecurity. Trees Canadas's vision is to improve the lives of Canadians and nurture the earth with great care, while teaching the value of trees. Working alongside with partners, governments, sponsors, and agencies they conduct business at a high level of integrity with knowledgeable services and educational programs.

The focus is on sustainable results with the efforts to inspire people to live greener. Trees Canada are proud collaborators with First Nation communities with their tree planting projects. Honouring the impact of greening initiatives together to support a healthier community. It all started in 1992 when Trees Canada was founded. The following year they launched the Green Streets Canada initiative. Shortly after the Eterne Award was presented to Trees Canada.

In 1996 a flood disaster struck Saguenay, Québec. Trees Canada launches their first Operation Releaf initiative to restore urban greenery.

When the ice storms hit Western Québec and Eastern Ontario in 1998, Trees Canada responded with their second Operation Releaf initiative. They restored the hard hit communities in dire need of help, and also greened their first school ground under the Greening School Grounds Initiative that same year.

Trees Canada released their first publication about the importance of trees in offsetting carbon pollution in 1999, and began to push urban forest diversification in Saskatchewan the very next year. At the same time they were selling Tree Seed Kits and Green Tree Sleeves to help Canadians with the growing and nurturing in their very own yards.

2003 was a heartbreaking year of natural disasters that hit many regions of the country. There were wildfires in B.C., outbreaks of the Asian Long-horned Beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer in Ontario, Hurricane Juan in Nova Scotia.

Trees Canada launched the Releaf restoration campaigns, one in every area affected by the disasters. That same year Trees Canada founded the Canadian Urban Forest Network to bring municipal arborists and urban forestry professionals together all across Canada. In 2008 Trees Canada won the International Society of Arboriculture Award of Excellence, and several M.P's signed on with them to operate carbon-neutral Campaigns. Trees Canada then launched a new Releaf initiative called the "B.C. Fire Releaf" to restore and help the affected areas of British Columbia.

Trees Canada kicked off the next initiative in 2011 "The Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle Operation Releaf" to help Alberta's forests regarding pest infestations. They were awarded the Canadian Institute of Forestry's Prestigious Group Achievement for outstanding achievement by teams and groups of natural resource managers, NGO groups, and researchers in the field.

Devastating forest fires struck Fort McMurry, Alberta In 2016. Trees Canada restored the communities green spaces while working with Reginal Municipality, corporate partners and local foresters. By the end of the first year they had planted over 70, 000 trees.

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