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Live The Good Life! Organic Pure Essential Goodness for a Nutrient-Dense Life.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Why eat Organic and use high quality supplements or greens powders?

Eating Organic isn't a trend, it's a way of life. This cleaner way of living ensures more nutrition and less toxins get in the body. The latest data regarding the mineral composition in land soil shows how depleted our topsoil is. Half the topsoil has been lost along with nutrient degradation in the last 150 years due to many reasons like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides agricultural practices. Those chemicals sprayed on conventional crops are not just bad for the topsoil but for our health as well.

  1. Certified Organic farmers use non-chemical methods of soil management such as crop rotation, vinegar and salt or seaweed to name a few.

  2. A Certified Organic farm must be free from all prohibited substances on the National List for 3 or more years before the crops harvest.

  3. The practices involved are always safe and non-synthetic, like mulching with fully biodegradable materials, or botanical and mineral additions.

  4. When it comes to GMO, you can rest assured because a requirement of being Certified Organic is always to be GMO-Free.

The best option for optimal nutrition is from eating whole foods that come straight from the Earth, picked from a local organic farm or even better from your backyard ....but when you need an extra boost, or just don't have the time for cutting up those fruits and vegetables, than go for the green powders that are superior in quality with a wide variety of Organic foods for the full spectrum of cellular nourishment.

Shoppers Approved Touchstone Essentials have over 13,000 5 Star Customer Review Ratings because of their pure Certified Organic products that are recommended by health care professionals, and preferred by athletes for performance! The Organic Super Green Juice powder is so powerful for assisting the body's healing, repair, rejuvenation, strength, and remineralization.

  • Probiotic and prebiotic benefits, as well as being a natural energizer and detoxifier.

  • With immunity building antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and lots of good gut microbe feeding fiber, it's considered an everyday must have.

  • It supports whole body health with the most powerful nutrient dense ingredients found in nature.

  • Add this powerhouse of concentrated vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to your daily routine for more of a pure living regimen, with benefits beyond cell regeneration.

  • Made with 44 Certified Organic Superfoods to build, repair and protect your gut and body for life!

A Study on health implications indicate that organically grown foods are rich in Phytonutrients, like anthocyanins, flavonoids, and carotenoids which protect our cells from damage and disease. Eating and growing organic foods eliminate dangerous pesticide exposure to the farmers, customers and land. So if your not already eating organically, you can make the switch now. A great way to support your local farmers is to find where the farmers markets are in your area, or look for the small independent stores that carry local produce.

How to transform and supercharge your health?

Transforming your health is all about changing your bad eating habits into good ones. Touchstone Essentials has you covered when it comes to transforming your body. The Transform Pack is a popular choice for nourishing your whole body health.

  • More Organic super greens in your diet reduces inflammation, promotes healthy hair, beautiful skin, and nails.

  • Start your day with a glass of green juice which has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol levels while increasing red blood cell production and oxygen transportation.

  • The polyphenols aid in weight loss and anti-aging.

  • Organic Super Protein, with 18g of pure clean plant protein including plant based digestive enzymes it packs a punch of nutrition.

Replace your favorite unhealthy snacks like salty oily chips or fattening ice cream with something more natural and satisfying, like hummus with raw veggies, baked veggie chips, or nicecream. If you are still needing some good healthy alternatives then make some time for "40 Plant Based Snack Recipes," written by the intellectual recipe developer Kristen Wood.

Looking at the findings for the longest living humans on Earth, in the Blue Zones ....called the Centenarians, it's exciting knowing that we have a guide and with diversity. People who live in the blue zones eat a diet rich in whole foods and very little meat. 95% of their diet is plant based. The centenarians favor beans, fruits, greens, yams, sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds, and some specific grains. They grow they gardens and eat fresh crops when they are in season, also they jar and ferment their own foods. You can make all your recipes from scratch with The Blue Zone Kitchen cookbook by best-selling author Dan Buettner.

A study at the National Library of Medicine shows healthy diet of fruits and vegetables may prevent cancer and promote anti-aging and longevity. If you are unable to make your own recipes then supplement to gain the right beneficial plant molecules.

The Essentials Supplement

  • 26 Certified Organic fruits and vegetables that deliver high quality minerals and advanced antioxidants to support your digestive system, brain and heart health.

  • This high quality plant based superfood has natural living enzymes for controlling blood sugar, strengthens the immune system and gives digestive support.

  • Made with Organic Acerola Cherries, Organic Blueberries, Organic Cinnamon, and Organic Aloe, among the other Organic GMO-free superfoods they work synergistically.

How do you naturally get rid of damaging toxins that are in the body?

There are five major organs that help you detox toxins from your body. The liver, lungs, kidney's, colon and the skin are all part of the cleansing system. Everyday we are exposed to harmful toxins and chemicals pollution, conventional foods, heavy metals, cleaning products, non-stick cookware and even makeup and personal care products. It's important to support your body in eliminating toxins because they build up and wreak havoc on different parts of the body, giving us unpleasant symptoms.

The Monthly Essentials Pack at Touchstone Essentials helps cleanse and purify the body from heavy metals and toxins.

  • Always the highest quality and 100% plant based.

  • Chosen ingredients for detoxification which promote healthy oxygen flow through your red blood cells while balancing the bodies ph.

  • When you are properly nourished with the right nutrients you will not have severe cravings for unhealthy weight gaining, disease causing foods.

Detoxing is a preventative measure in anti-aging medicine and for chronic medical challenges. To detox the safe non-invasive way is by supporting your detoxification organs with the Essentials, Supergreens+D, Green Energy and Pure Body Zeolites which are all included in the monthly essentials pack. Support and nourish your body and reap the profound benefits from head to toe! Health is wealth. Your body is worth investing in for your overall well-being, so make wise choices to age gracefully ....and feel the energy, and stamina of a supercharged life!

Medical Disclaimer

The content on this site is solely the views, and research of the writer, and not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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